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Some things that may seem not-so-good but really are…

Dec 6, 2016

1-Maddie loves to get up really early, and even earlier now that Martin (our Elf on the Shelf) is here. I can hear her rushing around upstairs, brushing her teeth and feeding her fish before she runs downstairs to find him.  She just laughs and screams and talks to him, then comes into my room to tell me where he is.  Some mornings (like this morning when I was still asleep) it is a little annoying, but I do enjoy our mornings together.  We sit on the couch and she watches cartoons (Christmas cartoons this time of year) while I pray and do my morning devotion, she with a mug of hot chocolate and me with a cup of coffee.  Even though she does sometimes wake me up earlier than I would like, I do treasure that time with her.



2-Charlie was sick yesterday.  I know there should be nothing good about this, but I secretly enjoyed it.  Last week he became embarrassed to hold my hand.  I grabbed his hand on our way into church, and noticed that he wouldn’t grasp my hand. Then, without looking at me, he shook my hand off.  I laughed at him (but may have gotten a little teary-eyed when I told my friend about it a few minutes later).

I hate that he was sick, but I will admit that I loved being able to give him some attention.  The two of us stayed home from church so I could spoil him back to health.  😉


In the midst of this busy holiday season, I feel the need to find the good in the quiet, mundane moments.  Because….

“God was wonderful to us;
we are one happy people.”
Psalm 126: 3
He was good then, and He’s good now! I don’t have to look long to find evidence that he is a wonderful God.  In the seemingly bad, he has created good.  In the dark, early mornings, there is joy and peace, and in sickness there is a chance for restoration.
This makes me one happy person.


In two hours…

Apr 2, 2016

You know how, before you have kids, you look at people with kids and you say, “That will NOT be me”? You judge the moms whose kids have dirty faces and stringy hair and mismatched clothes, the families out to dinner with the child watching Barney or Caillou on some device while they’re eating, or the frazzled-looking woman (who obviously doesn’t care about her own personal hygiene) in the grocery store with a cart full of Lucky Charms and popsicles. We’ve all given those poor souls passing glances, then shook our heads at each other with smug looks on our faces. If only we knew, right?

One thing Jason and I said we would never do is over-schedule our family.  We have been experts at saying no to people, and saying no to too many extra-curricular activities.  I valiantly fought to not be that mom who spends all of her time in her car, speeding through drive-thrus in an effort to feed her family between practices, rehearsals, or games.

So chalk up another failure for us, because now I am that mom.  The one whose dirty, mismatched children snack on Lucky Charms in the backseat on the way to karate or ball or dance or whatever.

Thankfully (seriously, I thank God every day) we homeschool, so we get to spend our mornings leisurely at home.  We pack all of our rest and nutrition into that time!

Now that our evenings are full, I find myself with no time to just do what I need to do around the house. Even though we’re home during the days, I’m preoccupied with things like teaching my children to read and write. I have found myself struggling to keep up.

So Wednesday morning I mentioned to Jason that I would like to sometimes miss ball practice so I could have some time at the house alone.  Of course he had no problem with that, so Wednesday night I sent them off, and I had two glorious hours alone in my home.

What did I do during that time, you ask?

1-cooked dinner

2-vacuumed the floors

3-washed and folded 2 loads of laundry

4-located and trashed every Happy Meal or Dollar Tree toy in the house

5-hid the bag with aforementioned toys in the bottom of the outdoor trash can

6-took the Easter eggs off the Easter egg tree (instead of waiting until Halloween like we have the past 2 years)

7-watched 1 1/2 DVR’d episodes of “The Big Bang Theory”

8-planned out this summer’s Vacation Bible School

9-did our 2015 taxes

10-painted our master bathroom

11-ran 2 miles

12-ate half a box of Wheat Thins

13-planted our garden

14-cleaned out the kitchen pantry

15-read Proverbs 31 and imagined that I could be the Proverbs 31 Woman if only I could have 2 hours alone in my house EVERY afternoon


So, I may be exaggerating a bit, but you get my point: a woman alone in her house for a couple of hours can accomplish a LOT! Or a little, depending on how you look at it.



Picture #14

Oct 28, 2015

I am resorting to another writing prompt tonight. It is a really good one, though.  The prompt said to go through a photo album until you get to picture #14, then write about that picture.

This was picture #14 on my computer:

This was Charlie at the beach a couple of summers ago.  This is the beach trip when he tripped at a restaurant and cut his eye open.  It looked like he might need stitches (and he may have) but we decided to just use a steri-strip and save ourselves a trip to the emergency room.

He’s holding his blankie.  We had to buy several of the exact same blanket, because he used to suck on them until they were just soaking wet.  They would get really stinky, so I had to rotate them out every day or two so I could wash them.  He still sleeps with one, but doesn’t suck on them anymore since Dr. Williams told him not to because it was making him burp all of the time.

It is just a pleasure to see Charlie growing up.  He is such a neat kid.  He takes care of kids who are littler than him and has tons of compassion.  And he is absolutely the best big brother.

He is determined to be a black belt ninja when he grows up.  We discussed today what a paycheck is, and he told me he wouldn’t get one because black belt ninjas don’t make money for saving people.  He thinks his karate classes are truly preparation for his future career.

Who knows? Maybe it is!

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Some Good Things From Today…

Oct 27, 2015

I thought I would share some good things that happened today…

1-I actually got out of bed when my alarm went off. I had time to drink a little coffee and read my devotion, and it was quiet and dark and I had to wrap up in a blanket because it was cold this morning.  Early morning is my favorite time of day, and I hate when I am lazy and hit snooze too many times and miss it.

2-I got a great haircut today.  For a couple of years now I have just gotten a quick trim since the kids are usually running around and I don’t want to take too long, plus I have enjoyed my hair being longer for a little while.  But today, I got several inches cut off and a completely new style that I love.  It took time, but Aunt Betty kept the kids occupied.  And sometimes we have to let them run wild while we do something for ourselves, right, mama’s?

3-Speaking of Aunt Betty, she took us out to lunch after our haircuts.  It was a great lunch and I always love spending time with her because she thinks I am so great, even when I’m not. 🙂

4-Bethony took Charlie to karate tonight.  Since karate is two nights a week and keeps us out later than I like, that is such a blessing.  Plus, when you have 2 children and you suddenly only have one of them in your care, that is a huge load off.

5-Mama had us over for dinner tonight.  No cooking or cleaning for me!


So to sum up my day, I was totally and completely pampered.  And it was awesome.  I hope I can pay it back tomorrow.

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Oct 23, 2015

Every mom dreads them,

and every dad, too.

Because they lie in wait,

Sometimes in your shoe.


Seemingly innocent but dangerous,

they bring shooting pain.

Step on one in the dark,

your tears fall like rain.


Coming in red, yellow, and blue,

they should be easy to see.

But they stealthily blend in,

especially at night when you get up to pee.


You tell the kids,

“Put them ALL AWAY!”

But some will remain,

Just waiting for the day…


That you innocently walk by,

No idea what’s to happen.

When suddenly you freeze

with a scream that has no sound.


Profanities run through your mind,

as you hop around on one foot.

You sob to your family,

“Who left a LEGO out???!!!”


So be careful, fellow mothers,

as you go about your day.

To vacuum up every LEGO,

that gets in your way.



This post is in written for the Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post. The topic this week is “careful.”


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