Laresa Watkins

Never Underestimate the Older Generations

Mar 8, 2013

I work in the Insurance industry.  I’m an Agent for the Good Hands people.  I write auto, home, life, and business insurance.  When I write a Homeowner’s policy, Allstate will send out a property inspector to check out the house and make sure it’s in good shape and doesn’t need any repairs.  If it’s good, then we continue the policy.  But if there are any problems, they let us know, then we contact the customer.  The customer will usually make the repairs, we will go out and take pictures, submit then to the Property Department, then the policy is good to go!  Sometimes the customer won’t fix the problems and their policy will terminate, but that’s a whole other story.

So, I wrote a home policy for this very nice couple.  They are in their 50s, have 3 teenage girls, just a normal family.  Our property inspector went out to look at the property and they had a few issues.  The lady was very understanding and fixed the problems promptly.  So, I told her I would come out to take pictures and get everything taken care of so we could continue the policy.  Well, the day I was going to go out to her house, it ended up raining all day.  So, I called her and asked if she texted.  She said yes, so I asked if she could just text the pictures to me.  She agreed.  The next day she comes in my office.  I told her I never got the pictures.  She said she just sent them a second ago.  I said ok and we waited and waited, but I never got them.  So, I asked if she could email them to me.  She said yes, and did it as she sat there at my desk.  I never got the email.  So we sat there wondering how to get those pictures off of her phone and onto  mine or at least onto my computer somehow!  Then, she asks me if I Bluetooth.  Now, keep in mind, this is a woman almost the same age as my mom (no offense Mama) and my immediate reaction to her cell phone use is that she doesn’t really know how.  So, I turn on my Bluetooth and wait.  She says she doesn’t see me on her phone.  But, I had turned it on.  She asks me what kind of phone I have and I told her it was a HTC (she had an iphone.)  After I try for a good 5 minutes, she finally says “Julie, just give me your phone and let me do it.”  I, red-faced, hand her my phone and within 20 seconds, she has downloaded the pictures from her iphone onto my phone.  She hands my phone back to me and says “there.”  I was a little embarrassed that a lady 30 years older than me knew more about technology than I did, but happy I finally got the dern pictures after trying for 30 minutes!  Needless to say, I will never underestimate an older generation again!

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