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Jun 9, 2011

So, last Sunday we decided to go to our wonderful state zoo which is, luckily, only about a half-hour drive from our house.  It is a really great zoo, separated into 2 continents-Africa and South America.  The trip began on a wonderful note-we found a good parking spot and it wasn’t too crowded.  We took Charlie to see the lions, girafes, babboons, chimps (who entertained us with a spontaneous sex-ed lesson), and the gorillas (one of Charlie’s favorites).  Maddie slept peacefully in the ginormous double stroller that I found for a steal at a consignment sale (a new, lighter stroller has since been ordered).  It was really a great time.

Around lunch time, I was beginning to think it was time to go.  It was obvious that Charlie was tired and it was very hot.  We are in the middle of an early heat wave in North Carolina, and all of the black asphalt at the zoo really reflected the sun.  We decided to ride the tram to the other section of the zoo for lunch and then to head home.  We should have heeded our early instincts to leave right then and stop at McDonald’s on the way home!

By the time we found a decent place to eat (mistake #2-leaving the air conditioned cafe because I thought it was too dirty) we were all extrememly hot, especially poor Maddie (now 4 months old) in her cooshie carrier.  I was so worried about her-she was very red and breathing pretty hard.  We ate quickly and decided that I would sit on the edge of the zoo’s park and nurse her while Jason and Charlie played. 

I found a good spot in the shade and just went for it!  I am usually pretty modest and try to cover myself when publicly nursing, but it was absolutely too hot for that.  When you’re worried about your baby, you’ll do anything!  The lady sitting next to me actually gave me a dirty look and left.  Can you believe that?  I mean, it wasn’t like you could see anything!  Maddie’s big head covers by whole breast, plus Jason strategically placed the stroller in front of me.  Another woman came and sat down next to me with no problem.  I heard her speaking in French to her children, so that explained her accaptance of nursing in public.

Anyway, now that I’ve done that, I will pull the boobs out anywhere.  You’ll have to leave if you have a problem with it.

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