Laresa Watkins

Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek

Nov 2, 2017

This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post is “Peek.”

I took this picture when we went to the fair last month.

Jason and I both refused to go on this ride with the kids, because we’re both in the stage of life where we get sick when we spin around too many times.  We left it to Charlie to spin the teacup, and he struggled a bit until he finally gave up and they just rode around in a circle talking about what they were going to ride next.

This was toward the beginning of our day, when I was still concerned with taking pictures. I stood there like a madwoman, trying to get a picture of the kids through the little door in their teacup, but the timing had to be perfect and the door would never quite face where I was standing so I could see both kids.  This was the best one I could get, with Charlie peeking through and a glimpse of Maddie’s head.

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