Laresa Watkins

28/31 Days

Oct 28, 2017

Jason and I just got back from a wedding.  This was our second wedding this month, and both were pretty, out-doorsy, vintage-style weddings.  Very beautiful and each special and original in their own ways.  The cool thing about weddings now is that they’re so personalized and there are so many neat little details.

We talked a little about what we would do differently if we were to have another wedding.  We got married 15 years ago, and our style has definitely changed since then.

There isn’t much I would change, but one thing I would approach differently is the music.  I don’t know why, but in 2002 I had something against group line dances, so I told the DJ not to play anything like that if it was requested.  He did play a couple of songs like that and they were fun, and if I were to do it over again I would be more relaxed about that.

Jason would change the food at our wedding.  At the wedding we went to tonight, the food was exactly what the bride and groom wanted, and it was great! Jason says that he would have a big milk dispenser and lots of ice cream.  Hahaha!  Now, the food at our wedding was great, but it was really fancy.  I would maybe tone it down a bit and save my mom a little money.

Other than those things, I can’t really think of anything major I would change. Of course styles of clothing have changed and I would go in a different direction with my dress, but I would keep our flowers and my bridesmaid’s dresses and things like that the same.

Oh, another thing I would change is our wedding would definitely be over by 7:30 so all of the old people like us could be home by 8:00!

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