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26/31 Days (Guest Post by Kate Young)

Oct 26, 2017

Tonight’s blog post was written by my friend, Kate Young.  She’s such a good friend-always willing to step in and help when I need it.  Tonight she blessed me with 20 minutes-now the question is: How will I spend it?



My friend writes a blog. This month she has been challenged to write for everyday of the month and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading her daily musings. Sometimes I find myself day dreaming about what I would say if I wrote a blog, especially when something funny happens… I find a lot of funny things happen to me! I imagine how wonderful it would be to have documented memories of my family.

I saw her today, and told her how much I enjoy reading her blog every night and that I hoped that she would continue to write everyday. I was not not expecting her response. ” I love to write, but I can’t wait till I don’t have to do it everyday. It’s too tiring.”
That made me think of motherhood….to do one thing, something else has to give. To leave the house on time, the dishes will sit in the sink. School was important today, baths were not. My daughter needs her clothes washed, I’ll wear yesterday’s jeans. My son needs his diaper changed, I’ll go without make-up today. Tonight is no different… my daughter and I wanted to watch a movie together, we ate pizza for dinner.
It would be wonderful (in an ideal world) to write a daily blog or diary, but what would I forfeit? Maybe 20 minutes of talking to my husband? 20 minutes of sleep? Perhaps I would leave the laundry for another day….
Maybe one day I will write, but for now I will pass this ‘one blog entry’ to my friend and see if she can use it…I wonder what she will do with her extra 20 minutes?

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