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12/31 Days

Oct 12, 2017

I hope you all have a truth-telling friend.  One who just tells you like it is.  I do, and she brought it to my attention today that maybe I am not totally honest in my blog.  Well, she was maybe a little more blunt.

So I have some truths for you:

1-The other day, I wrote about the little magazine stand that the kids had at the end of the end of the driveway:

9/31 Days

Well, it was great and all, but I need to be honest about that day.  After we were out there about an hour, I found out that the police were down the road, and there was a manhunt going on.  I knew my friend (mentioned earlier) was on the way to our house to buy a magazine from Charlie and Maddie’s last picture, so we stayed out there until she came.  In my defense, I kept a very vigilant watch of the woods, and we went in the house as soon as she arrived and purchased her items.

2-Maddie is very talented.  She is good at almost everything she tries (athletically speaking), and right now is doing excellent in gymnastics.  Her dream is to try out for America’s Got Talent.  Out of all her many talents, what does she choose to do for her tryout?

She is going to make a pyramid of red solo cups.  She has been practicing all day, and is getting pretty good at it.

3-On Wednesday, we had apple pie for breakfast.  I heated it in the oven, and we even put vanilla ice cream on it.  In my opinion, fruit+dairy=breakfast.


So there are a few truths for you.  Don’t judge me.

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