Laresa Watkins

6/31 Days

Oct 6, 2017

Charlie has slowly but surely been changing the labels of the folders on my phone.  I think it’s a true indication of his inner thoughts and feelings.


I do agree with him that stocks, clock, and iTunes Store are, indeed, “Stuff.” Good one, Charlie.

And, yes, the iBooks app is so I can “Reed.” LOL!

He obviously has some hostility for these features on my phone.  I find the calculator pretty helpful, but do agree that the compass is “Junck!”

He labeled all of my shopping apps “Barff.” The green sickly face is just a pleasure for me to look at when I am trying to pull up a last-minute coupon at the checkout.  I don’t think I have to tell you that Charlie has an aversion to shopping.

Not sure why he labeled my Twitter, Messenger, and Instagram apps with “Mom Smells.” I am thinking he was just mad at me that day?

Charlie must have a real problem with the iCloud.  Like most of us, I guess he just doesn’t understand it…

But still, no need for name calling!

And finally, something he likes! Of course the Disney app would get a “Weeeeee!” I didn’t know he was a Pinterest fan, though.  Maybe because I am using it to plan our Disney trip?

Don’t kids just crack you up? I hope this gives you a little laugh as you begin your weekend. 😉






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