Laresa Watkins

4/31 Days

Oct 4, 2017

Today-A Poem


Woke up this morning, ’bout 6:45.

Drank 2 cups of coffee, began to feel alive.

Read my devotion on She Reads Truth.

Took my online class: The Creative Classroom.

Turned on the news, heard some feet upstairs.

Kids trudged down, a mess of wild hair.

Considered working out…the idea quickly fled.

Made some biscuits and gravy instead.

Got the husband off to work, and a load of laundry started.

Built a rocket with the kids-don’t worry, I Instagrammed it.  😉

Time for school-grades 1 and 3.

Reading, writing, math, and history.

We study times tables and adding doubles,

missionaries in China and prepositions.

Fish sticks for lunch, macaroni and cheese,

some carrot sticks and a salad for me.

Clean up the kitchen (I spend all my time in there).

Still haven’t had time to wash my hair.

Make my bed then back to school,

missing summertime and the swimming pool.

School finally over, I look around this place,

wondering what to do with our rocket to space.

While texting with my friend about her big mom bladder,

I hear screaming upstairs, yell “What’s the matter?”

I break up a fight and hand out punishments,

tell Maddie to pick up her Barbies and Charlie to put on some pants.

I finally get around to taking a shower,

but it is interrupted-breaker trips and no power.

Time to start dinner, the house is still a mess,

Jason’s probably on his way home, and my hair is still wet.

I stick a casserole in the oven,

fold the laundry I started that morning.

The day winds up, dinner and baths,

bedtime, stories, cleaning up the day’s aftermath.

And finally… I sit.

Trying to stay awake so I can type this.


And ready to do it all again tomorrow! Right, moms?


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