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Halloween Candy Cookies

Nov 5, 2015

The people of Bonlee went all out in the Halloween candy department this year.  Not a lot of Dum-Dums and Smarties for us.  Instead, the kids’ bags are full of Snickers, Twix, Heath Bars, and Kit Kats.

It is pretty serious in the Watkins’ house, to say the least. The temptation is getting the best of me, and I keep sneaking the trick-or-treat bags off the top of the refrigerator for a quick sugary pick-me-up.

I’ve got to get that candy out of here, ya’ll.

Today I needed to make some cookies at the last minute.  I didn’t want to go to the store, so I figured that I must be able to use all of the candy for something.  I googled “chocolate chip cookie recipe” and called my mom to bring me some flour (just one plus of having a mom who lives next door:)), and here’s the final product:

Halloween Candy Cookies

All I did was follow a basic cookie recipe (my favorite is the good old Nestle Toll House recipe HERE) but instead of adding chocolate chips, I pressed candy into the top of the cookies.  I cut up Kit-Kats and Hershey bars and Snickers, and even put Whoppers on a few cookies.  Of course we (well, the kids:)) got plenty of M&M’s and they are delicious in a cookie.

Be sure you don’t try to actually cook the candy in the cookies (just trust me on this one).  Wait until the cookies are done, then pull the pan out and press the candy into the tops of the cookies, then put the pan back in the oven for just about 30 seconds.  This melts the candy into the cookies just enough to make it stick.

These cookies taste great and will help get rid of some of that nagging candy!  But just make sure you have somewhere to actually take the cookies.  Right away.


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