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Halloween Traditions

Oct 29, 2015

Jason and I have many Halloweens behind us.  In college, we spent our Halloween nights with thousands of other college-students at huge street parties.  As we outgrew that, we loved handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.  Now that we have kids, Halloween is more involved, with lots of decorations, trunk-or-treats, festivals, costume parties and trick-or-treating.

Our Halloweens have evolved, along with us.  🙂

There is one tradition that we have kept alive: during the week leading up to Halloween, we watch all of the Halloween movies.

They come on AMC (and I do have issue with movies that were made after I was born being referred to as a “classic”) all week, and Jason slowly tortures me by making me watch all of them.  When I try to cover my eyes, he pulls my hands down.  If I pull the covers over my head, he pulls them off.  Every year we go through this, and it’s always the same.

Why are these movies so darn scary????  Right now, we’re almost through Halloween 4, and I swear I am about to have a heart attack.  I mean, why would she crawl onto the roof with that girl on her back? WHY? And why can Michael Myers walk so well on the roof when they can’t? And why won’t he just die???!!!

And why does my husband keep rewinding it if he thinks I missed an important part while I am typing this?


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