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Picture #14

Oct 28, 2015

I am resorting to another writing prompt tonight. It is a really good one, though.  The prompt said to go through a photo album until you get to picture #14, then write about that picture.

This was picture #14 on my computer:

This was Charlie at the beach a couple of summers ago.  This is the beach trip when he tripped at a restaurant and cut his eye open.  It looked like he might need stitches (and he may have) but we decided to just use a steri-strip and save ourselves a trip to the emergency room.

He’s holding his blankie.  We had to buy several of the exact same blanket, because he used to suck on them until they were just soaking wet.  They would get really stinky, so I had to rotate them out every day or two so I could wash them.  He still sleeps with one, but doesn’t suck on them anymore since Dr. Williams told him not to because it was making him burp all of the time.

It is just a pleasure to see Charlie growing up.  He is such a neat kid.  He takes care of kids who are littler than him and has tons of compassion.  And he is absolutely the best big brother.

He is determined to be a black belt ninja when he grows up.  We discussed today what a paycheck is, and he told me he wouldn’t get one because black belt ninjas don’t make money for saving people.  He thinks his karate classes are truly preparation for his future career.

Who knows? Maybe it is!

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