Laresa Watkins


Oct 23, 2015

Every mom dreads them,

and every dad, too.

Because they lie in wait,

Sometimes in your shoe.


Seemingly innocent but dangerous,

they bring shooting pain.

Step on one in the dark,

your tears fall like rain.


Coming in red, yellow, and blue,

they should be easy to see.

But they stealthily blend in,

especially at night when you get up to pee.


You tell the kids,

“Put them ALL AWAY!”

But some will remain,

Just waiting for the day…


That you innocently walk by,

No idea what’s to happen.

When suddenly you freeze

with a scream that has no sound.


Profanities run through your mind,

as you hop around on one foot.

You sob to your family,

“Who left a LEGO out???!!!”


So be careful, fellow mothers,

as you go about your day.

To vacuum up every LEGO,

that gets in your way.



This post is in written for the Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post. The topic this week is “careful.”


And it is also part of my series for the #Write31Days writing challenge.  You can click the image below to see the other things I have written this month.  

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7 Comments on “Careful

  1. Rhonda
    / Reply

    LOL…so true! Great take on this theme 🙂

    1. mommyinbonlee
      / Reply

      Thank you!

      1. Rhonda
        / Reply

        You’re welcome 🙂

  2. 6moore
    / Reply

    Ha – So true! My friends of boyd will especially love this!

    1. mommyinbonlee
      / Reply


  3. Courtney
    / Reply

    This is too cute! I’m not a mother yet, but I do work with elementary-aged children and I am fully persuaded that the concept for LEGOs was created by a toddler seeking revenge. For such small objects, they are capable of causing so much pain!

    1. mommyinbonlee
      / Reply

      Thank you, Courtney!

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