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Oct 22, 2015

Last night, I had the opportunity to snuggle with both Charlie and Maddie.  I don’t always look at being woken up at 5 a.m. by someone staring at me as an opportunity, but I am in a good mood so I’ll stick with that.  🙂

Now, as I write this in the early  morning, they are both back asleep in their own beds, and I was reminded of these pictures that Jason found on a memory stick he has had in his deer cam all summer.  They are from a couple of summers ago.

Maddie on the beach.  She used to always have pigtails or a little ponytail sticking up in the air.


I love this picture so much because, even though they look different, this picture is still so representative of C & M’s personalities.  They still love dancing around and acting crazy together.



…and Charlie still has crazy hair and loves wearing capes!



And isn’t this just precious? Eating cereal, the meal of champions.



It’s both amazing and terrifying to look back at these pictures.  Jason and I just scrolled through them, looking at each one and marveling at the kids and how they changed.

And at how fast time passes…


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