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Buttering Bread

Oct 17, 2015

Here’s another post written by my mama!  


I keep notes in my phone with the intention of writing a story someday.

This morning while looking for something else, I found my notes from our beach trip this past summer. I didn’t really think that much about it until I saw the words, “Buttering bread feels good.” I laughed as I remembered that moment at the beach, fixing breakfast for my family. It was a flash, known only to me.

We had arrived for our vacation to a house that was subpar for the money, and even though we were ocean front, there were lots of dunes and sand (and sticker bushes) between our house and the ocean. We fondly called this Heartbreak Ridge.

In addition to those things, there were 4 flights of steep steps to maneuver in the house, Jason cut his hand and had to have stitches, and Kitten backed into Randy’s car. Plus, I had hurt my hip the first day we got there and I was in a lot of pain. It’s hard to find pleasure in anything when you are in pain, but I was trying not to let this ruin the trip I had looked so forward to.

But I remember having this moment of joy. A moment while buttering bread for my family. With every stroke of the knife, I thought about each child and each grandchild and how blessed I was to be surrounded by the people that mean so much to me (minus a few) at this beautiful place. 

I’m glad I make notes on my phone so I can remember these truly special moments of my life. And, hopefully I’ll get to spend the rest of the day with the joy that has once again filled my heart.


Now I know why we had so much buttered toast on this vacation! 🙂 We need to find joy in the simple motions of life, don’t we? Love you, Mama.

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