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Laresa Sits Down For Lunch

Oct 7, 2015

My Great Aunt Betty has been living with my mom for a little over a year now.  She moved here from Florida and we are so happy to have her next door.  We love her dearly.  She tells wonderful stories about her life (which has been pretty exciting) and lets the kids play with her canes.  Plus, she makes the best vegetable soup EVER.

One thing about Aunty Betty, though, is that she doesn’t sit down for meals.  She stands at the counter.  I won’t reveal her age, but I will tell you that she has earned a seat at the table, for sure!

When there are lots of people at mama’s house and every chair is taken and people are even sitting in the living room with plates on their laps, everyone offers Aunt Betty a seat and she always refuses.  They wonder why she won’t sit down, but I totally understand because I do the same thing.

It’s part of being a mom and wife and the person in charge of everyone else eating.  I have found that during breakfast and lunch at my home, and sometimes dinner, I stand at the kitchen island while the kids sit on the other side.  I make their meals then kind of flit around while they eat.  I take a bite, wash a dish, take a bite, refill a drink, take a bite, wipe off the counter.

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I was feeling like this was productive, like I was “dove-tailing” (a term I learned in home-ec in high school that means you do several things at once), like I was getting a bit ahead.  But what I have learned is that I was actually missing out.  I was missing out on a simple opportunity to sit down and rest and talk with my family.

Jason has a lot to say to me in the mornings at breakfast.  C and M have a lot to say to me at lunch.  They are very entertaining and have some really great things they want to tell me, and I was missing out on that because I thought I could get a dish in the dishwasher a few moments sooner.

I am definitely a Martha. I know it. I own it.

“Martha, Martha, you worry and fret about so many things and yet few are needed, indeed only one. It is Mary who has chosen the better part, it is not to be taken from her.” (Luke 10:41-42)

So lately, I have been making more of an effort to sit down for meals.  Even if me and the kids are just sitting down for a quick sandwich, it is an important time.  They tell me so many things about their morning, they tell me made-up jokes, they ask me questions.

They also love to test my math skills (What’s 2+2? What’s 8+8? What’s 9+24+564?). So I am apparently going to have to get a calculator for lunchtime. 🙂

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