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Oct 5, 2015

I was just looking through old blog posts and saw that I had one “pending.” I have never noticed this before, so I took a look and found this post that my mom (who every once in a while writes a post on here) had submitted something in April of 2014 and I had never seen it!  I read it and thought it was so sweet. 


Most Sunday nights, Maddie stays with us while Laresa, Jason and Charlie go to church. These two hours are Maddie’s. She can choose to do whatever she wants to do at our house. Every Sunday night she chooses to have mac and cheese and a nutty buddy for supper. I usually manage to get carrots and ranch dressing in her tummy. Every Sunday we feed the fish, ride through the spooky woods on the gator, swing and swing some more. During this time together, Maddie talks. She talks and talks and talks. She tells me everything she can think of. I noticed tonight that Maddie’s whole world involves only four people. Mama, Daddy, Charlie and Maddie. “When I was a little girl, when I was 2 1/2, when I was a baby, when I am a big kid, when I am bigger”. Charlie can swing higher, faster, jump, run, bigger, better than anybody in her world. She idolizes him. He has no idea. Daddy’s gone to work, play golf, mow. But the one true love of this little girls life, is her mama. “Mommy said we could eat our chilly willys outside when I was 2 1/2”. “Mommy said I didn’t have to wear my running shoes”, “Mommy said I could swing before I ate supper”. Then we sat on the sofa to look at Clifford on the iPad. She crawled up on my lap and said “Mommy said it was okay if we cuddled while we watched Clifford on the iPad”. Never more than two minutes ever goes by that Mommy isn’t mentioned.

I am writing this blog tonight to Laresa. I want you to know that you are Maddie’s whole world. For right now, it’s just the four of you all wrapped up in her little mind. Mostly you though. When you are tired and overwhelmed with the day to day, call me, and I will remind you of this particular night with Maddie.


Maddie is still very much wrapped up in me, but I will be honest and say that it is sometimes frustrating.  Right now, she says “Mama” no less that five million times a day, sometimes when she doesn’t even need anything.  When I say “What?” she has to make up something really quickly, or sometimes she just says “Mama” and walks away.  She loves to tell me she’s cold and sit in my lap at restaurants, movies, etc.  It drives me crazy sometimes, but after reading this, I am glad that I am still the center of her world.  I know it won’t last forever.  

Inside the puffer-fish tank at an aquarium.  My little sidekick.

Inside the puffer-fish tank at an aquarium. My little sidekick.

This post is day five of the Write 31 Days writing challenge.  My tops is “Just…Write 31 Days.”

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