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Signs of Fall

Sep 28, 2015

Signs of fall are appearing around us, aren’t they?  The pool bags hanging on the hooks in our laundry room have been put away and replaced with book bags and sweatshirts.  Closets are being cleaned out to find new, bigger, warmer clothes.  We’re grilling out less and getting out the crockpot more.  

We’re putting up our fall decorations.  This is my new favorite: a cotton plant that we “picked” on our way home from the beach yesterday.  Traveling to the beach last week we noticed fields and fields of cotton, and I mentioned to Jason that I had always wanted to stop and get a piece to see what it is like on the plant.  Jason, in one of his efforts to have every dream of mine become a reality, made it his mission to get me a sample.  We finally found a good place to pull over so Jason could hop out and grab some.

This isn’t a great picture, but you get the point:


It’s been awhile since either of us has broken any laws, so getting this cotton sample really got our adrenaline pumping.  I’m just picking totally serious.

I had a few goals for the summer: teach Charlie to ride a bike without training wheels (Jason taught both him and Maddie-check!), teach Charlie to swim (he’s learning fast, and so is Miss Thang), and teach Charlie to tie his shoes (bought velcro shoes for the summer, but we’re back to working on that now).  

There are some things I didn’t get around to. The stack of books I planned to read over the summer sat basically untouched.  Instead, I took lots of naps with the kids.  There are other things I didn’t get done, but I find it best not to dwell. 🙂

So we’re moving quickly into this new season.  I love fall, with it’s colder weather and beautiful colors and fires in the fire pit and open windows.  Add to that the anticipation of the holidays and it’s a wonderful time.  My favorite.





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