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Feb 25, 2015

Something BIG happened in the Watkins’ house last night.  I mean it: BIG. Something Jason has been begging me to do for ages.

I deleted Caillou from our DVR.

Caillou was the first cartoon that was ever watched in our house.  Charlie used to love the show, insisting on watching it every morning and before he went to bed at nighttime.  As soon as he outgrew it and I thought I would get a break from it for awhile, Maddie began watching it, perhaps loving it even more than Charlie. She even loved watching the YouTube versions in Spanish!

Jason and I have had a love/hate relationship with the whiny 4-year old star of the cartoon.  I mean, why does he have to be so whiny? His sharp, shrill voice (along with the show’s catchy theme song) echoes through my mind even when the television isn’t on.  As I type this, I am hearing “I’m just a kid who’s four!” in my head.

Another annoying thing about the cartoon is that it comes on TV 5,000,000 times a day. Long after the kids are in bed, the TV will automatically change stations to record Caillou, ruining whatever Jason and I happen to be watching.  Sometimes we will be watching something we have recorded and looked forward to watching, and the recording will abruptly end halfway through the show because Caillou comes on and precedes whatever we were recording!  Why, Caillou, why???

And would someone please tell me why Caillou, at 4 years old, has no hair?  And why is he so WHINY?

So I had mixed feelings when I was going through our DVR playlist last night and decided that it was time to no longer record the cartoon.  The kids have just outgrown it and have moved on to other things like Star Wars and Garfield.  I should be happy to free up the space on the DVR, right?

But I was a little sad.  I felt the weight of passing time on my chest.  I wasn’t just deleting Caillou, but I was saying goodbye to my little babies.  I watched many hours of that cartoon with Charlie while I was nursing Maddie and just needed him to be still for a moment.  I spent lots of early mornings on the couch cuddled up with Maddie, me doing my devotion while she watched Caillou. When Charlie had a terrible stomach bug, we sat up all night watching Caillou, Charlie’s head laying in my lap and a bucket on the floor next to us. Those are now fleeting memories, along with diapers and onesies and Gerber products.  While I am glad about those things and really enjoy my children at the ages they are now, I am sad that time is passing so quickly, time that I can’t get back.

So I stood in front of the TV for a minute, pointing the remote at the DVR but not pressing any buttons, just thinking back on Caillou and what that whiny little boy means to me.

And then Jason and I had a little celebration because we had freed up 50% of our DVR space.


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