Laresa Watkins

5 Signs That You’ve Had a Really Fun Day

Dec 11, 2014

5 Signs that you have had a really fun day:

1.  As you undress the kids for their bath, you realize they have worn costumes ALL DAY. All day.

2.  On your way to bed, you walk through the living room and see the kids’ juice cups from that morning still lying in the floor, along with their pajamas from the night before….and you’re too tired to them up.

3.  As you crawl (literally crawl) into bed that night, your body aching from exhaustion, you notice that you never made the bed. There was no time for such trivial housekeeping that day.

4.  Lying in bed in a haze of exhaustion, you flip through your photos from the day and realize that this was the only one you took:


There was just too much fun going on to stop and take pictures.  (I do wish I had more of Emma in the picture than her arm, though!)

5.  You are super-tired, but can’t sleep because you keep replaying the day in your head.


Obviously, we had a fun day today.  I hope your’s was good, too!


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