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December Kitchen Verse-Romans 15:13

Dec 2, 2014

In my kitchen I have a picture frame that I turned into a dry erase board.  I just put scrapbook paper into a frame and hung it on the wall next our phone (I know-we actually have a phone on the wall!!!).

Romans 1513

That’s our elf, Martin, hanging out!

Every month or so I write a new Bible verse on the board.  I spend so much time in the kitchen and read the verse SO many times that I memorize it fairly quickly.  It gives me inspiration when I need it: when I am feeling impatient with Charlie for not sitting still for school, or when I am in the middle of a frustrating phone call, or when I am just tired.

This month, I chose Romans 15:13.

Romans 15132


I think this verse is perfect for December, when the promise of hope is so prominent and we are celebrating the coming of the ultimate joy and peace.

What verse are you focusing on this month?

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  1. Mary Vett
    / Reply

    Great idea.

    1. mommyinbonlee
      / Reply

      Thanks, Mary Vett!

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