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31 Days of Grace-Showing Myself Some Grace Today!

Oct 9, 2014

Today is Day 9 in my 31 Days of Grace Series for #Write31Days.  

As part of my series on grace, I am focusing a little on how I can show myself some grace.  I think I’m pretty hard on myself, as are most women.

Here’s how I’m going to show myself some grace today:

1-Guess what I’m having for breakfast right now, as I type this?  Carrot cake.  That’s right!  It goes great with coffee!

2-I didn’t have time to post for Day 8 of 31 Days.  Instead of writing yesterday, I took a nap instead.  I am choosing not to feel guilty about that, or about the fact that I will miss more days of writing.

3-We aren’t going to have school today.  I had planned on having school, but we’re leaving this afternoon for a “field trip”, and I am grossly unprepared.  I am choosing to say, “That’s okay, Laresa.  That’s the point of homeschooling! Take a day off so you can get what you need to done.”

4-Normally when we go on a trip, I like to have the house clean when we leave so we can come home to a clean house.  This time, however, I am not going to have time.  I will leave the house with dirty floors and laundry in the hampers, but I feel fine with that.  I am choosing to show myself some grace, and realize that I really can’t to do it all.  I spent that time instead dancing with Maddie this morning.

I am slowly realizing that showing myself grace means letting go of guilt, letting go of the ideals of “having it all” that the feminist movement has shoved on us, and letting go of my Martha Stewart Living subscription.

Showing myself grace means holding onto the knowledge that there’s time to do that later.

How are you going to show yourself some grace today?

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