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31 Days of Grace

Oct 2, 2014


I have been struggling a little lately with motivation to write on Mommy in Bonlee.  We are getting into a good fall-groove around here, doing schoolwork and housework and other work-type stuff.  I am getting comfortable with our schedule (or lack-thereof) and have been working hard, so by the time the kids are in bed and I have time to write, I don’t feel like doing much besides reading one of the millions of books sitting on my nightstand or catching up on the DVR.  Unless something really inspirational hits me, I just don’t get around to writing much.

When I found out today about the 31 Days Writing Challenge, I immediately wanted to take part.  What can be better than a group of bloggers coming together to write and inspire each other, and give each other a little motivation?

I am choosing to write about the topic of grace:  the Grace of God, how other people show me grace, and my personal struggle to show grace to other people and to myself.

Every day (give or take a day or two here and there) I will post a new article on the topic of grace.  I am going to begin by showing a little grace to myself by saying, “Laresa, it’s okay that you are getting started on this a day late!  You DO NOT have to stay up late tonight writing an extra blog post to catch up.” Thank you, self!!! 🙂


Grace isn’t a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It’s a way to live.
-Jackie Windspear



Below, I will link-up every post I write for the #Write31Days Challenge.  I hope you enjoy!

Days 1&2-Got a bit of a late start!  Showing myself some grace and hope you will, too!

Day 3-Growing into Grace

Day 4-God’s Grace

Day 5-Life’s a Party

Day 6-Being Graced with Maddie

Day 7-That Time I didn’t Show Grace

Day 8-Took a Nap Instead!:)

Day 9-Showing Myself Some Grace Today!

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