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Vacation Bible School-for Mamas

Jul 14, 2014

For the first time, Charlie and Maddie are both in a Vacation Bible School at a church (my mom’s church)  where I am not volunteering.  For a stay-at-home-mom who has had a total of maybe 5 days alone in her house in the past 5 years, this is big.

That’s right-I am now one of those moms who actually drops her kids off at VBS and leaves. I have always wondered about them.  What do they DO while their kids are at VBS, being taught and fed and taken care of by other people?  I have always pictured them driving to the nearest restaurant and enjoying a quiet dinner alone, or leisurely flipping through clothes at a store they love, or maybe catching up on some reading by the pool.  I wasn’t just my imagination that they always looked very relaxed and at peace when they picked their children up every night.  It never seemed to bother them that their kids were up past their bedtimes, still needed baths, and had overdosed on Pringles and Goldfish.

Now I know why.

While I didn’t get the entire VBS empty house experience (I had to stay a little while and make sure Maddie was ok), I got enough of a taste to know that I like it.  Not that I would like much of it, but I will definitely enjoy my nights this week.

So what did I do while the kids were at VBS last night?

I got some things marked off my to-do list.  Mostly, I worked on Jason’s bookwork, paying taxes and filling out forms for him to mail.  I got the house straightened up and sweet tea made for my Bible Study luncheon that is here today.

I stared out the back window looking at the fire still burning in the field behind our house (that’s another story).

For the rest of the time, I mostly stood around wondering what I should do during this blessing of time. “This is HUGE for us,” I told Jason.  “We can drop the kids off, go out to dinner, then pick them up.  We’re totally FREE!”

And I spent some time taking random pictures of my feet…


…I should probably take one of these nights and get a pedi.


So, what will I do for the rest of the week while the kids are at VBS?

I have some things I really need to get done.  I have several articles to write and I need to plan for VBS at my church.  I could get caught up on ironing or work out a little or start planning Charlie’s school year. I also need to go around the house and video our things (having this never-ending fire behind our house has been a reminder to do that).

But If I could do anything, anything at all, what would I do?

1-Go to the pool without the kids and float around.

2-Get caught up on the TV shows I have DVR’d, while eating potato chips.

3-Get a mani/pedi.  This seriously needs to be done.

4-Wander leisurely through Hobby Lobby.

5-Sit on the back deck with Jason and just enjoy some time with him. (If the smoke isn’t too bad, that is.)

So, I’m not sure what I’ll get accomplished this week, but I am sure it will be good.  I know I’ll be praying for all of the hard-working people at my mom’s church who are spending their time and energy on my kids, and I hope they know what a blessing they are to me, too!


**I don’t want to leave out the absolute BEST thing about VBS-when C and M came home and I asked them what they had learned and they answered, “About God and Jesus.”  That is the sweetest, most perfect thing ever.**


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    Anod another plus to VBS-the kids totally slept in this morning!

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