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31 Days Unplugged – Day 10 – Key Fob Wristlet Tutorial

Mar 9, 2014


Welcome back to the 31 Days Unplugged challenge!  I know that with the amount of social media you have cut out of your day, you probably have some extra time that you are trying to fill.  One of my goals with this challenge is to give you some ideas of how to spend your time productively and creatively in order to live abundantly for God.

I am so thankful to Kerri Waller for guest-posting on Mommy in Bonlee today.  Kerri is a wife and mother of 3 who plans weddings, attends college, blogs, and creates websites, so she knows quite a bit about time management! This is an awesome DIY from her to get your creative juices flowing.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these cute key fobs instead of making it, you can check out Kerri’s Etsy shop or send her an e-mail at (Pssssttt…there’s a giveaway at the end!!!)

Hi everyone! My name is Kerri and I blog over at Kerri Waller Blog (original, I know). I am guest posting today for the 31 Days Unplugged and I’d like to share a tutorial with you all to make fun key fob wristlets!

These key fob wristlets are the perfect addition for your keys especially if you’re a mom and have your hands full and aren’t carrying a bag with you. They make perfect gifts for family, friends, teachers (teacher appreciation week!), colleagues, etc. You can personalize them to any interest or hobby by choosing the specific ribbon. SO! Here it is:


You’ll want to measure and cut about 11″ of ribbon and cotton webbing. This ensures it’s long enough, after folding in half, to still fit on your arm.

Put the sewing pins in the middle of the ribbon. I used about three of them from one end to the other.

Sew one side of the ribbon and webbing from one end to the other end.

Then you can take the pins out and sew the other side of the ribbon and webbing.

After you have sewed both sides and trimmed the excess thread, fold it in half and press.

Take the key fob hardware and put it over the open end of the fob. Use the key fob press to squeeze the hardware together as tight as you possibly can get it. I actually don’t have a key fob press, so I use pliers. :p It works!

And you’re done! You can use any ribbon and color cotton webbing that you want. The possibilities are absolutely endless!

Win a Custom Key Fob Wristlet!

Click here to enter to win your very own custom key fob wristlet from Kerri!

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