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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Jul 23, 2013

What is more fresh than freshly washed children in the tub with fresh watermelon and banana popsicles?


I had a really difficult time getting a decent picture! Maddie likes these watermelon popsicles, but I think the cold was bothering her!

Check out Madster's face!

Check out Madster’s face!

Definitely the coldness!

Definitely the coldness!

This is why I never ask them to actually pose for pics!

I did like this one of Charlie:



I have been making popsicles like crazy this summer!  The kids love them and I don’t mind how many they eat.  They are probably thinking, “Why is Mama making us eat so many popsicles?”

Here’s how I made these:

1. Put fresh, seeded watermelon in the blender and puree until it is just juice.

2.  Drop some banana slices into the popsicle molds.  Blueberries or pineapple chunks are also really good.

3.  Pour the watermelon juice into the molds.

4.  Freeze and done!

Have a good night, everyone!



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  1. mommyinbonlee
    / Reply

    I just realized I need to chill on my exclamation point usage!!!!! Almost every sentence in this post ends with one!!!! I guess I am just very excited….about the popsicles…

  2. sustainabilitea
    / Reply

    Very cute, especially the face in the second-to-the-last picture. 🙂


    1. mommyinbonlee
      / Reply

      She actually has a similar look on her face a lot of the time! Thanks!

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