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Some New Things Going on at the Watkins’ Home

Jul 15, 2013

Whew!  The past week or so has been incredibly busy for us.  Everything has been great, but I am a little relieved that we made it through and can rest a little.

We got to spend a great day today with Jill and Addison at their neighborhood pool.  Addison is growing up so fast and is just a little sweetheart.

Maddie apparently has plans to become an olympic swimmer.  I put her floaties on her today and she was off!  She was jumping off the side, going under, coming up, and swimming back to the side with barely any help from me, and sometimes (true to Madster form) would say, “Don’t help me.”  I can’t wait to see what she can do after her swimming lessons next week.

I wish I had some pics from the pool today, but the thought of taking our camera to the pool is a little daunting.

Charlie has decided to become a pro golfer.  Randy gave him Sam and Aaron’s old golf clubs and he got them out this afternoon to hit a few balls before Jason got home.  Then he and Jason spent a little time practicing.  Maybe he has a future in golf-I know that would be a dream come true for Jason!

Charlie let Maddie caddy for him!

Charlie let Maddie caddy for him!

Another exciting happening in our life is the addition of a new baby kitty (known as Hairy, Baby Kitty, Little Kitty, or CC).  I was on the phone with Mama Friday night as she was on her way home from the Benefit for Sam in Goldston (which was a huge success, by the way).  It was about 10:30 and here’s how the conversation went.

Mama: screams “Oh, no!”

Me (panicking): “What is it, Mama?”

Mama: “Oh, no!  Oh my goodness!”

Me: “Mama, what is it?  Did you wreck? What’s wrong?”

Mama: Silence

Me: “Mama, what’s wrong?” (At this point, I am about to have a heart attack)

Mama: “There’s a baby kitten in the middle of the road.  What should I do?”

Me: “What?”

Mama: “Should I bring it to your house?”

Me: “Do not bring a kitten to my house.”

Mama: “I am stopping to get it.  I’ll bring it to your house.”

Me: “No, Mama, do not bring the cat to my house. Take it to your house.”

Mama: “I am bringing it to your house.”

Me: “Mama, no.  Please do not bring it to my house.”  (I can see headlights approaching.)

Mama: “I’m outside.  Come get the kitten.”


So now here we are with a new pitiful little kitten.  It is small and messy and has to be bottle-fed kitty formula.  Mama will pay for this one day, I am sure.

Charlie is totally in love with this cat.  He pretends he is a cat and he really believes that the kitten can understand him.  He gets up early (really early) in the morning to feed him and sits with him snuggled up to watch his cartoons.  He says, “Can we keep the kitty for a long, long, long, long time?”

Baby Kitty likes my toes.

Baby Kitty likes my toes.


OK, the kitty is cute.

OK, the kitty is cute.

Charlie feeding his kitty.

Charlie feeding his kitty.

Anyway, hopefully things will calm down for us for a little while!  But, probably not…

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  1. caseycorder
    / Reply

    Hahaha. That conversation made me laugh. Sounds just like Mama!

    1. mommyinbonlee
      / Reply

      I know. I really thought she had been in an accident and then it was just a kitten in the road.

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