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Jun 7, 2013

As I was driving to work today, my thoughts were on the disaster I was leaving at home. My newly refinished bedroom floor was dotted with puppy paws. There was already one long scratch in the floor, complements of Kitten moving the box springs. The painter had started moving his tools in, before the floor man moved his stuff out. Trying to live in a house while these two major things are being done is impossible.

A permanent reminder of our dogs.

A permanent reminder of our dogs.

This led me to think, “Are we always trying to improve? Are we ever satisfied with our life? Has this year been hard enough, just with the things that have been handed to us? Do I have to add to it by sanding my floors and painting my walls”?

My Aunt Betty is 87 years old. She is still trying to be better. Trying to lose weight, improve her health, exercise (or talk about it), clean her house, be closer to God. And, she wants to ride the train to NC to help me do all the same things! So many times I have wondered if I will be what God wants me to be. Will I ever be complete? Sometimes for just a moment, I will settle down and say, “I am okay just the way I am. My life is good.” The next breath, I am tearing something down, creating my own chaos.

I hope I’m still striving for perfection when I am 87. Here’s to the next 29 years!

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