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The Innovative Easter Bunny

Mar 25, 2013

This is the end of another great weekend!  The kids and I traveled to Mt. Airy on Friday to spend some time with our family there.  We stopped on our way at the Children’s Museum in Greensboro and had the most fun time.  They basically have  a town set up for young children, complete with a grocery store, theater, a doctor’s and dentist’s office, a post office, a news studio, a firetruck, and tons more stuff.  I wish I had videoed Charlie’s reaction when we walked in.  He kind of doubled over with his arms out and just went “OOOOOOOOOOOOO.” It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.  I love being there for experiences like that with them.  We had a great time there and I could barely get them to leave.

We had a great visit in Mt. Airy as well.  I am always glad when we can go and spend the night rather than rushing back home in one day.  Even though I don’t get much sleep that night, it is worth it to get to spend some time with Daddy and Grandma and Julie.  Daddy spent time coloring with the kids and he and Maddie made pancakes on Saturday morning.

Today was a busy day at church for us.  Jason and I taught Sunday School, then after the service the youth sponsored a lunch to raise money for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  It is always great to spend some extra time with my family from church!  After lunch the kids had an Easter egg hunt.  Because of the cold, rainy weather, we had to “hide” the eggs inside, but it was still fun!

Maddie getting a lift to reach one of the harder-to-find eggs.

Maddie getting a lift to reach one of the harder-to-find eggs.

Charlie going through his loot.

Charlie going through his loot.

The whole crowd! I love these kids.

The whole crowd! I love these kids.

Maddie with some of her friends from church.

Maddie with some of her friends from church.

After we got home, Charlie and Maddie dumped out their baskets and started going through their findings.  Of course it was mostly candy.  I have been thinking today (especially considering that Charlie has a dentist appointment tomorrow) that there have got to be some alternatives to candy in the eggs!  Here’s what I came up with:

1. stickers (you may have to cut a sheet of stickers into smaller pieces to fit in the eggs)

2. necklaces (I found some good ones here:

3. hair bows or clips for girls

4. quarters, nickels, and dimes

5. magnets

6. stamps and ink

7. small containers of play-doh

8. bracelets

9. stuffed animals (these baby chicks are too cute:

10. packets of seeds

11. raisins

12. toy cars

13. Silly Bands

14. erasers

15. tattoos

16. bouncy balls

17. rolled up socks

18. Lego pieces (look at this cute bunny and chick set:

19. Band-Aids (the kids love these)

20. little plastic animals

21. lip gloss or chap stick

22. nail polish

23. mini hand sanitizer

24. pencil sharpeners

25. fruit snacks

Any more ideas?  Comment below!  I am sure I’m not the only mother who would appreciate having the Easter bunny leave things other than candy behind in those baskets!



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  1. Julie
    / Reply

    I had fun too, even though it was a short visit! Thanks for going with me on the unsuccessful curtain shopping trip. And, of course, I had a blast playing with the kids!

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