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Getting Back to Normal

Mar 17, 2013

We are almost at the end of week six of my recovery from hip replacement surgery. It’s hard to believe I’ve come this far in six short weeks. I’ve gone from sitting on the shower chair, barely holding my head up while Casey washed my hair (at least I think it was Casey) to walking with not too much of a limp. While I’m not pain free, I’m most certainly a lot better than before my surgery.

I’m starting to love life again. I didn’t think I would and that was a very scary thing. How could you be blessed the way I am and not love life? Pain will do that to you. It takes the joy out of life.

I had a virus a few days before my surgery. I didn’t get to do the preparation that I had planned. Luckily Stephane met me on Saturday and cut my hair before my scheduled surgery on Monday. The rest of the preparation just had to go.  Today, 6.5 weeks later, I had the  manicure and pedicure that I  so badly needed before my surgery. Laresa and Bethony celebrated this event with me. I was careful, as was the person that did the service, but oh, how good it felt. I have pretty new toes and fingers!

The best part of the day was taking Charlie and Maddie to the pond to feed the fish. It was the first time since winter. What a joyous occasion! Both Charlie and Maddie’s throwing the food into the pond skills have gotten so much better since last summer. Charlie can actually throw it in while standing backwards!

The windows are open and the breeze is blowing. Maddie ate most of her supper from Kitten’s plate (why is that?). The grass was freshly cut and it smells so good outside. But, the best thing I have heard in a long time, was Laresa saying “it’s so good to have you back to normal.”

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  1. Laresa
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    Love it.

  2. Cindy Hayes
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    I’m glad you are almost back to normal.. We are gonna do dinner one night with lots of wine and catch up…and the best thing it is my treat. Love you!!

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