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Name Signs and Secret Messages

Feb 21, 2013

The past couple of days have been CRAZY  here at the Watkins’ house!  We have been so busy-but it’s all good.  Yesterday we had our usual Bible study in Sanford, then went with Bethony and the boys to the Lee County Arts Council to check out the homeschool art show displayed there.  We didn’t even know that there is a kid’s arts program there a couple of afternoons a week, so we lucked up and got make some masterpieces with the kids.  This was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon!

Maddie's sign

Maddie’s sign

Charlie's sign

Charlie’s sign

These would be so easy to make at home.  These were just pieces of wood cut to a point on one end.  The kids painted them then decorated them with stickers.  Maddie’s name is made of string dipped in Mod Podge.  So simple.  Jason told me he had a lot of scrap wood this size, so I think we’ll work on making a cute signpost for the yard.

Today Charlie wanted to start painting as soon as his feet hit the floor.   I had just so happened to be looking around on my Pinterest boards for some ideas of things to do with the kids today and saw a Valentine’s idea of writing messages on hearts in white crayon, then painting over them with watercolors (  Charlie is really into superheroes and mysteries, so I just wrote a quick message on some white paper and gave it to him to paint with his watercolors.  I told him there was a secret message written for him on the paper.  He was really into it and this was a great way to start our morning.

Working on the message

Working on the message

I love my children's hands

I love my children’s hands

Getting close

Getting close

The secret message

The secret message

I will be honest-Charlie was less than thrilled when he saw the message was just a simple “I love you” from his mother.  His reaction was similar to the little boy’s reaction in A Christmas Story when he decodes Little Orphan Annie’s secret message.

Our day just continued on from here!  I got some really cute pics of the kids laying in the living room today.  Even though they still argue over things, it is really fun and satisfying to see them playing and doing more together.

relaxation time

relaxation time


We are just really blessed.


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  1. Charlotte Hennis Holt
    / Reply

    You are blessed because you are a blessing. You left out the part about spending the afternoon at my house, helping me do the things I’m not not comfortable doing yet, picking up Noah, taking him home with you when you left our house (even though I know you did that for Charlie). Thank you for sharing your life with me.

    1. Laresa
      / Reply

      Love you, mama! Now fix me a lemonaid!

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