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You Shouldn’t Yell During Uno!

Jan 22, 2013

Today has been quite a day!  We got off to a lazy start, so when Casey and Emma showed up at 11 to visit, I still had my robe on and Charlie and Maddie had just gotten out of the tub.  We had a great visit with Casey and Emma, though, and we got quite a bit of work done even with the distraction of a 1 year old, a 2 year old, and a 3 year old running around!


Isn't Emma precious?

Isn’t Emma precious?


We are working on some new tutus for Mommy in Bonlee and had Maddie model for us.  Charlie and Emma were so jealous, it was difficult to keep them out of the pictures!

Getting ready...

Getting ready…

I love the look on Maddie's face here!

I love the look on Maddie’s face here!

DSC_0045 DSC_0048

...and a supermodel is born!

…and a supermodel is born!

If you like this tutu, you should check out our shop on Storenvy at and also like us on Facebook!  This particular one isn’t listed yet, but there are plenty others!

Charlie had me cracking up tonight.  After dinner, we were having a friendly family game of UNO.  Charlie has never played before, and neither Jason nor I have played since we were children.  Jason and I were a bit overexcited, I guess.  We had not told Charlie the biggest rule of UNO: when a player has only one card remaining, they have to yell out “UNO” before the other players yell it out.  Well, when Charlie got down to one card, Jason and I both yelled at him, “UNO!”  Charlie said, “You shouldn’t yell.”  Then he busted out in tears!  It was so pitiful, but funny at the same time.

When that game was over, with Charlie being victorious because of his pitifulness, we played another game.  Jason won this one, and Charlie said, “I was supposed to win!” and started crying again!  He stuck that bottom lip out and just really put on a fit!  Jason and I were just about to die laughing.  I wish I had it on video, because it would have been a YouTube sensation!

Aren’t children funny?



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  1. caseycorder
    / Reply

    It is good that he is learning how to lose. I think it is really sad that kids don’t know how to lose. It is because they give everyone a trophy now when they play little league sports. Everyone is NOT a winner!! Uno taught Charlie a very valuable leason today. He will be a better man because he lost at Uno. Also, it is funny that he got to throw your rule about not yelling back at you. Charlie is so funny! He cracks me up.

    1. Laresa
      / Reply

      It was really funny. You know Jason and I are both pretty competitive, so the thought of letting Charlie win just didn’t occur to us. We were so excited that we really screamed “UNO” at him. He got so upset. He had not idea why we were screaming at him.And I think we were pointing, too.

  2. juliecfletcher
    / Reply

    I’m totally loling at your comment laresa! You yelled and pointed at him?!?! That’s horrible! Me and johnny are very competitive too. I never EVER let my nieces and nephews win at UNO. Whenever we go to their houses, we make is our life mission to beat them at whatever game they are playing. No mercy. I would have let Charlie win though.

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