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Meeting new people……and fulfilling my civic duty

Jan 15, 2013

I had to report for jury duty this morning. I really did not want to go. I had gotten out of it a few months ago so I knew this day was coming. It’s not that I mind giving up a few hours of my life to sit around the Wake County courthouse. I just don’t like the idea of being responsible for someone else’s future. The idea of determining a person’s guilt made me a little nervous.
But this is not what I want to write about. I want to tell you all about this lady I met today in the Jury Lounge. Her name is Catherine. (I remember because that is Julie’s middle name.) She was probably in her early 70s. She was a feisty lady, born in the Bronx. She said that was when the Bronx was mostly farmland. (I can only imagine what that was like.) When Catherine was 19 she was hired to work as a flight attendant for Northwest. She talked about her job and the requirements. All flight attendants had to be a certain height and weight. They were required to participate in daily weigh-ins. If you gained a pound then you were grounded. Can you imagine??? She met a pilot who saw something special in her and asked her if she would be interested in going to flight school. She agreed and in the early 1960s she started flight school. She worked as a pilot for Northwest for over 15 years. During that time she got married and had one daughter. Her husband was also a pilot. He was in the military and died during the Vietnam War while she was pregnant with their daughter. She never remarried. She worked as a pilot and raised her daughter.
We need to spend more time talking to the older women in our lives. They have so many stories to tell. There are so many things for us to learn from them and these women won’t be around forever. If I didn’t have to rush off to daycare after being excused from jury duty I would have invited Catherine to go get a drink so I could hear the rest of her story. I know that she probably had a lot more to share………

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  1. juliecfletcher
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    Great story! I too enjoy stories from old people. Grandma has some great ones. Like when she tried tobacco for the first time when she was 9. Her and a cousin snuck into the woods after a revival and tried it. It made her really sick. Yet, she still smokes to this day. Guess Grandma didn’t learn her lesson!

  2. Laresa
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    So you don’t have to go back for jury duty?

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