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Big Boy Charlie (aka Spiderman, Baby Bird, or Musketeer)

Jan 5, 2013

Charlie is cracking me up right now.  He just got out of bed to use the bathroom.  I am sitting in our office which is just right down the hall from his bathroom, and he talked to me the entire time he was using the bathroom (though I honestly don’t know what he said-I just agreed and said uh-huh).  When he was finished he poked his head into the office to tell me night-night and I followed him, thinking he would need my help getting back into bed and turning off his lamp and things.  He said “I can do it myself” and shut the door in my face!  What??!!!!

I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry!



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  1. charlotteholt
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    You left out aka: Fireman Sam and Buzz Lightyear! Charlie is a neverending list of characters. My favorite will always be Shephard #2 (or as he said, “Spiderman pretending like he is a shephard”.

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