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Things I learned from my big sister

Dec 30, 2012

When I started buying diapers (9 months ago) Laresa told me to get a CVS card. Greatest advice ever. CVS has a great rewards program. You get coupons when you buy certain things. This week in the CVS advertisement if you bought $30 in P&G items then you got a $10 off coupon. Let me just break it down for you guys.
First transaction:
Box of Pampers (112, size 3), regular price 28.99, sale price 24.99 + $2.00 off coupon = $22.99
2 bottles of Pantene shampoo and conditioner, on sale 2 for $7.00 + $3.00 off coupon = $4.00 for two
1 bag of peanut butter M&Ms (50% off because they were in a Christmas bag) = $2.00 (This wasn’t on the list but it seemed like a good idea at the time……don’t judge me.)
I used a CVS store coupon for $4.00 off any purchase.
Total before taxes = $24.99

Second transcation:
2 bottle of Old Spice Body Wash, on sale 2 for $7.00 + $1.00 off coupon = $6.00 for two
2 boxes Puffs tissue, on sale $.99 per box + $1.00 off coupon = $.98 for two
6 pack Bounty paper towels, on sale for $5.77 + $1.00 coupon = $4.77
I used the $10.00 CVS store coupon that I got from first transaction
Total before taxes = $1.75

Now I am not one of those crazy coupon ladies and a friend of mine works at CVS so it was her idea to break it into two transactions. I got all of that stuff for less than the regular price of a large box of pampers!!! I’m pretty proud of myself. So, thanks to my sister for giving me her advice on shopping with the CVS card. Best advice for new moms ever!!

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  1. Laresa
    / Reply

    Now I feel like I need to go to CVS!

  2. Laresa
    / Reply

    And I just realized that this is the best advice I have given you? Really? The best? Out of all of the things I have told you?

  3. caseycorder
    / Reply

    Well I’m sure that there are other things but sometimes I zone out a little when you talk. Don’t be offended. I do that to other people too. Just kidding! Yes there have been other juicy bits of advice but I can’t fit it all in one blog post. I have to space these things out or it would overwhelm the average reader.

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