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I just hijacked my sister’s blog…..

Dec 25, 2012

……and while she is busy chasing two small children (who are probably on a sugar cookie high) around the house, I am taking this nap time to hijack her blog. Welcome to Mommy in Raleigh (techincally Apex).

We just finished celebrating Emma’s first Christmas. There are so many things that made this Christmas wonderful. It was the first holiday season that was not spent in a car. I was also super happy not to be pregnant this Christmas. We spent time with my Dad and Grandma in Mt. Airy. Laresa and Julie were there too! Then we went to my mom’s house in Bonlee. We spent the night and woke up to a wonderful Christmas Eve breakfast. I didn’t get much sleep though because Julie snores really loud. This is why no one ever wants to share a bed with her. She also talks in her sleep. (Sorry Julie but these things must be addressed.)

I am really excited for next year because Emma will know what is happening. I can’t believe that she will be a year old in less than 3 months. Time goes by so fast!! I never guessed that I would be spending my evenings and weekends chasing around a 9 month old. It takes a lot of energy to keep her from the various deathtraps around our house. Mostly she loses fights with the coffee table. I know we need to baby-proof the house a little better especially since Emma is crawling now. She started crawling on December 20th at my office Holiday party. I was so proud! My New Year’s resolution will be to baby-proof the house (and lose the last 6 pounds of baby weight).

I’m going to go now. I might have 30 more minutes of naptime. I think I can finish the laundry………………

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  1. Laresa
    / Reply

    This is actually Laresa commenting. Casey, so glad that you hijacked the blog. I think I can make it so we can switch authors. Let me work on that. I am going to leave you with this inspirational quote from the book you gave me for Christmas: “Those who tease you, love you.” Jewish Proverb.

  2. julie
    / Reply

    I’ll have everyone know that Christmas eve night was much worse for me. I had forwarned Casey that a night of snoring was at hand since I had only slept 6 hours the entire previous week. The worst part of my night was getting poked every 5 seconds with “Julie, you’re snoring.” Do you know how hard it is to sleep with someone doing that to you? I eventually moved to the couch in our mom’s computer room, only to be woken once by a ghost that turned on her printer.

  3. Laresa
    / Reply

    Okay, so I just sent an e-mail to both of you to make you editors of the blog. Casey, you can now post without being a hitch hiker.

  4. Laresa
    / Reply

    Casey, Charlie is wearing some of the pj’s you got him for Christmas. He wore the others a couple of nights ago and came down naked the next morning. He said he got too hot. We’ll see if he stays clothed tonight!
    And Julie, I will get you back for the band in a box. You will not know how or when, but revenge will happen.

  5. caseycorder
    / Reply

    1. Jewish proverb? Really Laresa? Really?
    2. Julie, I was poking you because I thought that you were choking on your own tongue. That is what it sounded like. I thought you were dying next to me in the bed. I probably saved your life. You should be sending me flowers. Don’t send carnations though. They remind me dead people which reminds me of how loudly you snore.
    3. I knew those pjs would be too warm. I think I could cut the feet out of them and that might help. I can use my new sewing machine!!!!!!

  6. julie
    / Reply

    Obviously Charlie liked the band in a box from aunt Julie a lot more than the pajamas from aunt Casey. One point for aunt Julie.

  7. Laresa
    / Reply

    Ummm, you guys need to download a picture instead of those weird mahjong symbols.

  8. julie
    / Reply

    I like my mahjong symbol….plus I’m on my cell.

  9. Charlotte Hennis Holt
    / Reply

    Did you girls notice that there is an add playing on this blog for Maker’s Mark Bourbon Balls? It’s a whole video. That was very inspirational! Love, Mama

    1. juliecfletcher
      / Reply

      The ball commercial was inspirational or the blog? I’m confused…

    2. juliecfletcher
      / Reply

      Did you mean the balls or the blog was inspirational? I agree with both.

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