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Birthday Girl on the Cheap!

Feb 23, 2012

Maddie turned 1 on February third.  Boy am I glad that it isn’t this time last year!  I read somewhere that it takes a year to get over being pregnant, and I totally agree. The outcome is worth it, though, because Maddie is such a sweet little pleasure to have in our family and I just love her more every day.

This year we are cutting WAY back on our birthday blowouts.  Charlie, lucky boy, has had two major birthday parties with fifty-some people having a meal at our house.  Poor Maddie, the second child, only got a 1st birthday party with immediate family invited (which in my family is still almost 30 people), cake and ice cream, and chips and dip.  It was wonderful!

I had so much fun decorating (Thank you, Pinterest!) and trying out a new cupcake recipe.  I made a really cool cakestand using tulle, ribbon, and my handy-dandy gluegun.  Check it out:

I started making a balloon banner but ran out of steam blowing up balloons, so it ended up as a balloon “chandelier.”  Go to for instructions on the balloon banner.  It is really easy.

I also found a recipe for some delicious cupcakes with brownie on the bottom and strawberry cake on top.  Topped with some cream cheese icing, they were really good.  I got it from so definitely check it out and try it.

The finished effect was really pretty, I thought.  The day of her actual birthday we invited a few of her little friends over for pizza, cake, and ice cream and had a really great time, then had family over the next day.  Boy was this a wonderful way to celebrate her birthday.  I really appreciated being able to enjoy Maddie and celebrate this big day in her life instead of running around like a mad woman trying to entertain people who probably didn’t want to be at a 1-year old’s birthday party, anyway!  From now on, “cheap chic” is how we’re doing it! It’s easier on our budget and my sanity!


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