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Charlie’s Dirty Mouth

May 10, 2011

Charlie is really into trucks right now-tractor trailers, pickup trucks-as well as heavy equipment-bulldozers, loaders, etc.-but calls everything a “firetruck”.  I have tried to teach him “big truck”, “red truck”, or “Dada’s truck”, but he continues to call every moving vehicle that isn’t a car a “firetruck”.  Too cute, huh?

The problem is this:  Charlie cannot yet prononce his “R”, so when he says “firetruck” it ends up sounding like a certain four letter word followed with “up”.  This wasn’t too cute when a truck drove past our church on Easter Sunday and Charlie yelled out “firetruck”, or when his grandpa decided to take Charlie to visit the fire department last weekend and Charlie repeatedly pointed and said “firetruck”.  As we speak, I can hear him in the bathtub (with Dad supervising, of course) whispering “firetruck” under his breath. 

This is getting pretty embarrassing.  It was pretty funny today, though, when the kids and I were outside and Charlie, upon seeing his dad’s old pickup truck parked in the driveway, began yelling “Dada firetruck, Dada firetruck”!  Ha Ha Ha Ha!  I struggled to keep a straight face when that happened.

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